We offer a wide variety of general, preventative, cosmetic, and restorative services to fit your needs.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Are you embarrassed to smile in front of your co-workers? Do you cover your teeth while presenting to potential clients? We can give you the smile you’ve dreamed about! Whitening, veneers, and extreme makeovers are only a phone call away.

Ask us about our Broadhollow Wedding Package for brides, grooms, wedding parties, and proud parents! This offer includes a cosmetic examination, cleaning, and high-strength whitening trays to help make sure you'll always love how you look in your wedding photos.


Implant Dentistry

Do you have a missing tooth? Have you heard that several or all of your teeth are hopeless? Missing teeth can have debilitating effects on your health and comfort. Dental implants have become a safe and predictable solution. And if you know someone who is unhappy with a denture, implants will completely change their life!

We are also leaders in treating implant complications. If you already have an implant restoration but are unhappy with it, Dr. Salierno can discuss your options with you for correcting any cosmetic or functional concerns.


General Dentistry

As general dentists, Dr. Thomas and Dr. Salierno have received extensive training in all phases of oral care. From the simplest dental restorative procedures to the most complex, we provide comprehensive treatment to keep you and your family healthy. We are committed to minimally-invasive and conservative therapies to restore health, beauty, and function.

We would also like to help you prevent oral diseases before they can occur. Oral health is dependent on many factors, including your diet, your home care routine, and your genetics. Our team would be happy to develop a preventive plan specifically catered to your needs.


Sleep Apnea

Snoring is annoying.  But it can also be a sign of a more serious problem called sleep apnea.  It is estimated that 22 million Americans have this medical condition and that up to 80% of moderate and severe cases haven't been diagnosed yet.  We have been trained in designing oral appliances that are safe and effective for reducing snoring and treating sleep apnea.  Many of our sleep dentistry patients have tried other therapies, such as the CPAP machine, and they prefer our discreet, comfortable device.


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